The ball has started rolling as more support comes in for our plea to MBIE for an exemption that permits the "essential maintenance" of golf facilities.
National MP Nikki Kaye joined the cause by today launching a petition to be presented to the NA Government asking for a hasty end to the turf maintenance lock out.

Words from Nikki Kaye
A number of NZ sports clubs need to carry out essential turf maintenance. These sports include hundreds of golf and bowling clubs across NZ. If this maintenance is not carried out then the costs to these clubs will need millions of dollars in repairs. Under the NZ Governments COVID-19 rules there is no exemption for this maintenance to occur during lock down. In a number of clubs all they need is one person to be able to go onsite and in some situations it involves giving permission to a person who already lives on site to undertake essential maintenance. We want to ensure maintenance occurs in a safe way to respect the lock down period while ensuring we prevent damage to turf where possible. This is really important so that when NZ emerges from lock down kiwis are able to return to their local clubs and play sport.
Get on board with Nikki's petition here