For the past ten days New Zealand Golf with the support of Sports New Zealand, The NZ Sports Institute, NZ Sports Turf Institute and the R&A, have worked their hardest within the bounds of what they believed from previous experience was the best method for lobbying the government, to achieve an amicable outcome regarding the resumption of course maintenance with particular emphasis on the critical aspect of greens maintenance.

Are we to believe the not so insignificant combined voice of these parties has not in that time been able to parley a resolution.

Or is there someone in the New Zealand government who flat out dislikes golf and are happy to see us all on our knees paying for the cost of this well into the future, the damage that will be caused by further delay to the upkeep of our putting surfaces could and will likely cost in the thousands of dollars.

Who will pay for the reparation, the NZ Government, unlikely, so our membership fees will go up, the cost of green fees will go up, levies may have to be applied, some clubs that were already struggling with their finances may well be forced to close.

In closing we here at Golflinks ask you while you’re all dressed up your new winter clothing that you desperately needed, drinking beer from that new fridge you just bought online, have a voice for our cause.

Email, Facebook, Twitter any or all of the departments listed below to voice your personal concerns at the governments seemingly lack of attention to our request for exemption. For the turf maintenance across all sectors (golf, cricket, bowls, tennis, parks, stadiums, horse racing, croquet etc etc). This will at worst take you 15-20 minutes of your time but could save you and your golf club hundreds of dollars into the future. Simply write a comment and post it to each of the parties below or use of modify our example provided herein.

As a member of (Your golf club name) I am extremely concerned for the future welfare of my Golf Club. If the New Zealand Government does not make a decision on our course maintenance exemption in the immediate future the cost to our club and to us personally as members will be unfathomable, it is likely that our club and many others will not recover from this.

Please use every avenue in your power as a representative of us as New Zealand citizens to see some sense in allowing our greens staff to get back to their course maintenance programs. Our greens staff are responsible workers capable of setting a work safe plan that would work within H&S guidelines.

I respectfully look forward to your views and a positive outcome to my request.

Yours Sincerely (Your name here as and when needed)

Lobby these groups: MBIE -
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Minister of Sports Development (Hon Grant Robertson) -
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Spokesperson for Sports Development National Party (Hon Nikki Kaye) - Facebook -