New Zealand Golf is a non-for profit charitable trust established in 1910 as the governing body for golf in New Zealand responsible for leading, growing and supporting the game.

The organisation is governed by a dedicated group of volunteer Directors, the majority of whom are elected by the 15 District Association members. New Zealand Golf’s office is in Auckland, and is co-located with the PGA of New Zealand.

Golf is the most played sport in New Zealand with over half a million kiwis playing golf each year at one of the 390 clubs throughout the country. As a sector, golf employs over 2,000 people and contributes more than a billion dollars to the national economy each year.

As a sport, golf makes a significant contribution to the health and wellbeing of its participants, increases the social connectivity of communities and improves provides important education and life values outcomes for young people.

New Zealand Golf provides a wide range of services for the game including overseeing the rules of the game, running of the national handicapping system, managing the New Zealand Golf representative team programme (including the Olympic programme) and the management of over 20 elite golf tournaments including the New Zealand Men’s and Women’s Open Championships.

New Zealand Golf also has a strong focus on the growth of the game at grass roots level with a number of key support programmes in place. The key elements of the organisations Strategic Plan are as follows:
Mission Vision Values New Zealand Golf