Winter will never be over at Ice Age Mini Golf
Ice Age Mini Golf is opening its 18 hole minigolf course in Centre Place late September.

Journey through forgotten times with the cave man who hunts Mammoths, and the Woolly Rhino and their treacherous predators. Ice Age Mini Golf will be a journey you have never taken before. Great entertainment for the family, sports teams and social clubs. May the bravest, most wily win.

An experience for your senses - be aware of the moving creatures including the mighty Sabre Tooth Tiger as it shows its stripes, and don't get too comfortable in the icy conditions because suddenly, when the ice melts and you are thrust back further in time, you will need to have your wits about you to avoid the hungry dinosaurs.

So prepare to gather your friends and family, to arm them with clubs to battle each other for supremacy and avoid the predators of the past.


Level 1 Centre Place
Phone: 07 834 0578