NZGCSA Covid19 Update Monday 30.3.2020

This is an update to let you all know what is happening behind the scenes. Whilst it will provide no new information as to when and if we can do any necessary turf maintenance we felt some information was better than none.

NZ Golf have furnished their submission on behalf of the golf sector, and have had valuable assistance from NZSTI, Sport NZ, R&A with NZ specific recommendations and of course have been made aware of what our outcomes would like to be. What needs to be appreciated is that the government agency dealing with the submissions Ministry of Business, Innovation and Enterprise, MBIE) have in excess of 1000 submissions to go through with each submission outlining the reasons as to why their business should be exempt. So, we as an industry are not alone in thinking that we deserve a dispensation.

Until a decision has been received from MBIE we continue to repeat the decree that we are currently not an Essential business and as such have no authority to perform any tasks at our worksites and effectively must stay home in our own bubbles.

Disappointingly there are many whispers out there that some in our industry are going against this advice and just yesterday the NZ Herald produced an article about a turf operation in Auckland carrying on work. Whilst the frustration and anxiety this current situation is bringing to us all in the industry it needs to be remembered that the more people that don’t follow the NO WORK rule there is a reduced chance of having our dispensation approved. Indeed, a greater chance to be made an example of because of non-compliance and already the Prime Minister has stated persons and organisations will be punished if they don’t adhere to the rules.

We are all in this together and must work together for a positive common outcome. As an executive we all have our own courses that we are as concerned about the same as you are with yours and acknowledge that we are in and will be going through some tough times ahead. The longer non-compliance will mean a longer lock down period and that is something none of us want. We (NZGCSA) are working our best behind the scenes and fielding many calls from all and sundry which obviously has an impact within our own personal bubbles.

So please be patient and show an understanding of the process and that there is a bigger picture out there. We are in this together and I gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the NZSTI who are working on our behalf to produce suggested practices and priorities once and when we are allowed back to our places of work.

To finish I’ll share a quote I saw this morning that exemplifies the lock down.




Stay safe and look after each other.

Steve Hodson NZGCSA President 021 2323016