Waikato Golf was founded in 1947, and up until 1991 the association ran virtually without change to its administrative structure. However in that year it was decided to appoint a full-time paid professional executive officer rather than a secretary treasurer who received an honorarium.

Then in 1995 a council and an executive sub-committee were introduced to run the affairs of the association. This enabled Waikato to keep pace with Club development. Since 1947 till 2008 there has only been three secretaries-executive officers starting with Eric Rex, followed by Tommy Thompson whose 35 years of service was memorable in so many ways. The current CEO Robin Fulton took over the position in 1990 and has seen many changes during his time. Robin has been instrumental in taking Waikato Golf Association forward including the first district association to amalgamate both Men's and Women's Golf in 2005, which proved to be a very successful and positive undertaking. On top of the day to day administration Waikato Golf implements and manages many interclub events and tournaments to ensurse golfers of all ages and playing ability are given the opportunity to partake of the game. We are committed to promoting the game at Grassroots level to encourage beginner and junior players to become more involved in the game of golf.