During the early part of 2006, a suggestion of possible amalgamation of the golfing interests of the separately operated organisations running golf for both men and women......

throughout the Hawke's Bay region and part of Poverty Bay, was proposed.
During the course of subsequent discussions between the two parties, it was decided that the proposal contained considerable merit, especially if it could be extended to include both the men and women of the Poverty Bay Golf Association, a small group of clubs in the East Cape area of the North Island of New Zealand.

The women of that enlarged area have long been closely associated with their Hawke's Bay counterparts through the auspices of the Hawke's Bay Poverty Bay Women's District Golf Association, an unofficial, non-incorporated society, as defined by the Act, however the Poverty Bay men have preferred meantime anyway, to maintain their long-standing independence of a separate organisation, affiliated to New Zealand Golf.

The two other groups (Golf Hawke's Bay and the Hawke's Bay – Poverty Bay Women's District Golf Association, signed documents of amalgamation and on 1st December, 2006, the new body "Golf Hawke's Bay & Poverty Bay Women Inc, became established.