Matt DavisMy philosophy is the development of golf comes from both student and instructor. If your determined to make a change I will help.
As a golf coach I keep things very SIMPLE to make the experience EDUCATIONAL towards your GOLF game and how you APPROACH the game of golf.
Remember SUCCESS come from HARD WORK. How successful you want to be depends on you.
Class AA NZPGA Golf Professional - PGA Professional FULL A - BSc (Honours) Degree Sport Conditioning and Coaching
Mobile: 022 105 8750
Takapuna Golf Course
27 Northcote Road
Background and Credentials
Completed a 3 year degree and graduated with Honours from the University of the West of England (Bristol) - specialising in sport conditioning and coaching.
Kiwi Golf instructor
I have delivered an in school Golf program to over 2000 children through Kiwi Golf. Retail experience I have had retail experience in the Golf industry at both Waipu and Northland Golf Clubs. I am a coach at heart and love what I do. I believe in using feedback to help students reach their potential and make use of launch monitor and high speed video where necessary.