Although we have listed a selected few of recommended golf coaches you may find that their location does not suit so here is a link to the NZPGA website where you may find a more suitably located coaching professional.

NOTE: All of these professionals undergo a rigorous training region to achieve their credentials so we recommend using them in preference to you buddy at the golf club :)

PGA Professionals are collectively recognised as the experts in teaching and coaching the game of golf around the world. PGA of New Zealand members earn their status only after completing a three-year traineeship, under the guidance of a fully qualified PGA Member and completing the academic and playing requirements as set by the PGA Academy of Golf.
PGA Professionals are the global leaders in the game of golf. As certified experts in playing and coaching the game, skilled advisers on equipment and technology and experienced personnel in managing day-to-day operations at golf facilities worldwide, The PGA Professional serves to grow interest and participation in golf. The PGA Professional qualifies to work competently in most areas of the golf industry.
Every aspect of golf, ranging from coach education, small business, management and game development is covered in the Trainee Programme. On graduation, trainees will have achieved a high level of competence in a number of important areas