Hinehopu Golf club is unique in that it is owned and operated by Maori customary landowners on the north eastern shores of Lake Rotoiti in the shadow of a prominent ignimbrite bluff referred to by the local Ngati Pikiao people as Matawhaura. It is their recognised spiritual mountain and Lake Rotoiti (full name Te Rotoiti–i – kitea –a-Ihenga) is their spiritual lake.

The land where it is located, is called the Tahuna Block and is steeped in Maori history and custom. It was a major access route for Maori passing between the lakes district of Rotorua and was the same access route that the Ngapuhi Chief Hongi Hika used in the early 1800s to bring his canoes across land and ultimately do battle with the Ngati Whakaue people living on Mokoia Island in the centre of Lake Rotorua. Today this access way is referred to as Hongi's Track although the locals better know it as "Te Ara a Hinehopu."

Many of the descendants of the people to occupy this land some 700 years ago, are members of the club and they are known for their warm and unpretentious hospitality we refer to as "manaakitanga."

State Highway 30

Phone: 64 7 362 7629